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Telford Crisis Support’s Wish List

We will always be in need of food donations no matter what. Here’s a short list of the essentials that we need in order to feed our service users in crisis:

Pasta, Rice, Instant noodles, Pot snacks, Tinned meals, Tuna/fish, Tinned veg, Sugar, Jam, Puddings, Soup, Beans, Cereals, Baby food, UHT Milk, Custard, Potatoes, Shampoo, Deodrant, Razors, Nappies, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Soap.

If you would like to donate please have a look at our donation points or you can visit us at the Leegomery Community Centre TF1 6NAfoodbank

10 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Ellie Yeomans

    Have you been in touch with Lakeland (local store in Shrewsbury or Wendy Miranda at Cumbria HQ) to see if they would help. I know they have their own chosen charities to support but it is worth asking if they supply one at discount. I think New rather than second hand would be better so I will donate 10.00 towards one. I am happy to contact Lakeland on your behalf (I have had an account with them for many years). I could call in to the Telford Community Store discuss this with you first. Please ring or text me on 07710 749634 cheers Ellie

  2. Kath

    Excellent idea, but I can’t imagine it’s all that quick, could you maybe aim for more than one and lend them out so people don’t have to queue up and wait to use one? Just a thought. Maybe one first to see if it’s any good?

    How do your wishes get granted?

    1. Jake Snr

      Hi Kath,

      That’s a good idea. If we had a couple, people could borrow them, use them and bring them back. I like that. [I’ve updated the page about how wishes get granted. Thanks for asking.]

  3. Kath

    Driers – I’ve seen a number of comments that they are good but slow – overnight for a load of light things, could be a problem. Also Lakeland are good but expensive, there are others.

    Re delivery address – is there always someone there to take deliveries?

  4. Kath

    … or if you’re thinking of keeping it to be used centrally, might a tumble dryer be better because quicker? Either way it means people bringing their wet stuff in.

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