Donation Points

If you’re able to get to Leegomery Community Centre to bring things across to us, that’s great!

If you can’t get there, no problem, our Donation Points are the next best thing.

Tesco Wellington and the Park Lane Centre in Woodside are particularly helpful and convenient to us.

If they aren’t convenient for you, try looking at the Additional Donation Points. If they too, are out of the way for you, please call us on on 01952 380290 as we have relationships with many community centres and outreach points across the Borough that may be closer to you.

We also have donation points in many different supermarkets across Telford such as Greenfileds farm shops in Muxton and Priorslee, Tesco Wellington, Sainsburys, Morrisons Lawley & Wellington and a few convenience stores such as Stirchley Co-op, Lawley Premier and Shifnal Co-op!

Our relationship with these outlets is really strong and we’d love you to say thank you to them. The reason they help us is because they respond to customer requests. They’re customer led. If their customers ask for it, they’ll listen.

Please encourage other stores supermarkets in our Borough to help us too.

Next time you go shopping, pop a comment in their customer services book, thank them or ask them to support Telford Crisis Support.

Thank you!