Brick By Brick Appeal – Maninplace

‘Maninplace is committed to providing safe and secure accommodation in the borough of Telford and Wrekin for anyone who presents as rough sleeping or homeless.  

Our current units of accommodation are leased through private sector landlords, all of whom have worked closely with Maninplace to help change the lives of the people who seek assistance.

However, we want to ensure the long term future of our service and leave a legacy for future generations of Telford and Wrekin, one way we can do this is by purchasing a property.   This will ensure there is always emergency accommodation ready for those who suddenly become homeless or present as rough sleeping.

This is where you can help by being part of:
“Brick Buy s Brick”

Our aim is to raise £80,000, this will be used as a deposit to purchase our first property.  By owning the units of accommodation we let, much needed money will be freed up to offer a more improved support service to our customers, ensuring we give them the best start in rebuilding their lives.

How can you help?

We are asking you, our supporters, to be the foundation of our new house by purchasing the bricks of the building, making this a truly community based project.

How many bricks will you buy?

£1 will buy 1 brick and the mortar used to connect to the next brick.

£100 will buy half a crate of bricks. (200 bricks)

£200 will buy a full crate of bricks. (400 bricks)

With your help, Brick Buy a Brick, we will make a long lasting commitment to the homeless of Telford and Wrekin, ensuring a supportive service is always there when it’s needed most.

We hope you will support us so we can assist our customers to reach their full potential.’


Woodlands View and Meadow Croft Court

This week has seen the opening of a new young persons supported housing project in Woodside. This is a new initiative between Bromford , Stay Telford and TCAT.

The new housing at Woodlands View and Meadow Croft Court, Woodside, provides 22 apartments for young people aged 16 to 32. The scheme will provide a wraparound, 24-hour service based on site, providing an holistic approach to supporting young people to meet their aspirations in life and helping them to identify their own personal journey. There will be a wide range of support and training available including housing, life skills, formal education, skills-based coaching and employment support. Bromford, STAY and Tcat will be working in partnership to help young people develop the full set of skills they need to live independent and successful lives within the community.

Here is what one of our new customers had to say: “I just wanted to say thank you for choosing me for the flat. This flat is the beginning of a new life for me. Thanks so much”.

If you’d like to know more about Woodlands View or Meadowcroft Court, you can contact Thrive on 01952 582617.






Newport Foodbank – Trussell Trust

Newport Trussell Trust Foodbank opened on the 19th November 2013.

We work in partnership with Newport Food Bank so that everything is synced and joined up.

Volunteers are in place, referrals are picking up and they’re seeing more clients each week. The people of Newport have been incredibly generous in providing foods and extras to fill our shelves and help those in need in and around our community.

Referrals to Newport Food Bank work in the same way as they do across the Borough.

On the Application Form it says “Newport Food Bank – Applicant will get a call to arrange collection” and on every application involving the Newport Food Bank, the applicant will get a call to arrange collection or delivery.

This is because their opening times are Tuesdays 1:30pm to 3:30pm and Thursdays 09:45am to 11:45am. Therefore, inevitably, this will not be convenient for some and Newport Food Bank do all that they can to work around these times to ensure prompt delivery.

So agencies should apply in the normal way, the applicant will get a call after 5pm the same day to arrange collection or delivery most likely the following working day.

If the Applicant is called and told to collect from Newport Food Bank, their address is:

Pop In, The Guildhall
High Street
TF10 7AR

If the Applicant does not have telephone, they should be told during the application process to make their way to Newport Food Bank when it is next open.