Help us get a brand new electric van with Aviva!

Currently staff and volunteers employed by TCS make use of their own cars where food parcels and other crisis relief needs to be delivered though the majority of such activity is undertaken by paid staff. other transport requirements include collection of food stocks from community based donation points and food retailers. Staff also visit local schools and colleges to give talks on the work of TCS and help promote active citizenship for all ages.

Food parcels and other goods are delivered where service users have no access to private transport and the poor public transport network prohibits easy access to the main collection point. There have also been instances of domestic violence where a service users partner has felt shamed by the other being seen publicly to access the food bank.

TCS is therefore desperate to raise fund for a small commercial electric vehicle that would be both economical to run and maintain whilst more friendly to the environment. To this end we have identified a Renault Kangoo Z. E. would fit our requirements which retails at £17,298 together with the installation of a power-point charger at £149 and insurance costs of £478 per annum. The electricity costs per annum based on an estimate of 500 miles per week would come to £780 giving a total funding request for five year including purchase of the van of £23,737.

TCS would also ensure that the van included its logo and contact details together with those of Aviva as sponsers in the livary of the van’s external paintwork. The Aviva logo would also appear on all letter heads and promotional materials

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120 parcels in 3 days

In December 2015 we launched our ‘Season’s Eating’s’ appeal which involved a lot of very hard work from a very exceptional group of volunteers doing their bit for charity as part of their National Citizens Service.

Our aim as a Foodbank was to make sure that no family or individual went without a Christmas dinner. After numerous applications and referrals from various different Telford Crisis Network organisations and charities we were soon looking at nearly 100 food parcel requests, which were soon followed by another 40 referrals from the Salvation Army.

On the 19th December, the young volunteers from the national citizens service arrived at the Telford Community Store at 11am and managed to fill and pack every single parcel in just 1 hour!!!

xmas 1

On Monday the 21st December between 9am and 5pm we managed to distribute 120 Christmas food parcels across Telford & Wrekin and couldn’t have done it without the help of the Season’s Eating’s bunch.

xmas 2

Thank you so much to everyone involved!

Bring on 2016

Lyreco give Telford Crisis Support the Boot

Well not quite, Let us explain…

A gentleman turned up at the Telford Community Store and asked to see us, we soon discovered that this gentleman was in crisis due to a family breakdown and he had lost a lot of his possessions..

Luckily his employer has given him new workwear but he urgently required a pair of proper work boots so that he could stay on the site where he was working..

After a lot of offers that we received from our social media pleas, Lyreco turned up and handed him a new pair of boots just like that!

Telford is full of kind, wonderful, selfless people who time and time again support our cause.

Simply amazing!

Thank you Lyreco!

Lyreco boot

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