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From 10am on Thursday 22nd June Localgiving will be matching one-time donations pound for pound by up to £25!

This one-day match fund takes place on Fundraising Day of Small Charity Week 2017. Each year Small Charity Week celebrates and raises awareness of the amazing work carried out by thousands of small charities across the UK.

Please donate whatever you can by clicking on the link below, and help to support us in the fight against food poverty.



It has taken the warehouse team 6 weeks, to finally process all of the donations from the 2016 Christmas period. We still cannot believe how inundated we were with bags of food that seemed to fly into the store every 10 minutes bag after bag.

After many, many audits and stock checks we have found that we are very short on stocks of main meals such as tinned meal items such as meatballs and curry/chilli, to go with the crates of rice, pasta and chopped tomatoes that we have in stock.

If you can include a few extra items in your next shop or find that you’d like to empty out your cupboards for a spot of spring cleaning, please have a look at our donation point map where you can find over 20 TCS donation points across Telford & Wrekin.

Thank you so much for your support.

12 months & 2.70 tons


Reducing food waste with M&S via

For the past 12 months the TCS Foodbank has been working in partnership with Marks & Spencer Telford (via to look at reducing the environmental impact of the food being thrown away, by creating a social impact through offering surplus fresh produce to go into food parcels via our main hub at the Telford Community Store

Fresh produce such as bread, vegetables and fresh fruit are the key elements in making sure that the food we provide isn’t just sustainable, but also healthy and nutritional.

We hope that by changing behaviours and offering an alternative method of food redistribution, we’ll be able to offer a wider range of produce to service users and help to create links between retailers/ businesses and charities which will lead to positive outcomes, through food, fundraising and volunteer programmes, and further collaboration.

For up to date sources and data regarding food waste in the UK visit – or click the info graphic below.

(information in reference to M&S via nbrly partnership can be found here)

Sainsbury’s charity of the year 2016/17








We’d like to thank every single person who voted for us to be Sainsbury’s local charity of the year Telford & Wrekin 2016/17.

Between June 2016 and January 2017, Sainsbury’s customers have donated £1257.03 worth of food for the TCS Foodbank!

Thank you for your continued support and hats of to all of the staff at Sainsbury’s Telford store for their time and consideration.


120 parcels in 3 days

In December 2015 we launched our ‘Season’s Eating’s’ appeal which involved a lot of very hard work from a very exceptional group of volunteers doing their bit for charity as part of their National Citizens Service.

Our aim as a Foodbank was to make sure that no family or individual went without a Christmas dinner. After numerous applications and referrals from various different Telford Crisis Network organisations and charities we were soon looking at nearly 100 food parcel requests, which were soon followed by another 40 referrals from the Salvation Army.

On the 19th December, the young volunteers from the national citizens service arrived at the Telford Community Store at 11am and managed to fill and pack every single parcel in just 1 hour!!!

xmas 1

On Monday the 21st December between 9am and 5pm we managed to distribute 120 Christmas food parcels across Telford & Wrekin and couldn’t have done it without the help of the Season’s Eating’s bunch.

xmas 2

Thank you so much to everyone involved!

Bring on 2016

Lyreco give Telford Crisis Support the Boot

Well not quite, Let us explain…

A gentleman turned up at the Telford Community Store and asked to see us, we soon discovered that this gentleman was in crisis due to a family breakdown and he had lost a lot of his possessions..

Luckily his employer has given him new workwear but he urgently required a pair of proper work boots so that he could stay on the site where he was working..

After a lot of offers that we received from our social media pleas, Lyreco turned up and handed him a new pair of boots just like that!

Telford is full of kind, wonderful, selfless people who time and time again support our cause.

Simply amazing!

Thank you Lyreco!

Lyreco boot

‘Click and give’ – Shropshire Community Project

making giving free, we can build a better Community together.Furniture donations Telford, Shropshire

‘Shropshire Community Project is the only not for profit, social enterprise helping shoppers like you generate free cash donations for local projects, every time they shop online.

Being not for profit and guided by a social purpose means that we are able to offer the highest donations percentages possible from all your favourite shops for Telford Crisis Support and local charities that support those in our community at a time of crisis.

Shoppers become Givers for free!

Each purchase you make via Shropshire Community Project generates a sales commission

An industry leading 100% of this commission is converted into a free cash donation

Participating shops include Amazon, John Lewis, eBay and Next plus hundreds more.

head over to for more information.

Thank You’.


Brick By Brick Appeal – Maninplace

‘Maninplace is committed to providing safe and secure accommodation in the borough of Telford and Wrekin for anyone who presents as rough sleeping or homeless.  

Our current units of accommodation are leased through private sector landlords, all of whom have worked closely with Maninplace to help change the lives of the people who seek assistance.

However, we want to ensure the long term future of our service and leave a legacy for future generations of Telford and Wrekin, one way we can do this is by purchasing a property.   This will ensure there is always emergency accommodation ready for those who suddenly become homeless or present as rough sleeping.

This is where you can help by being part of:
“Brick Buy s Brick”

Our aim is to raise £80,000, this will be used as a deposit to purchase our first property.  By owning the units of accommodation we let, much needed money will be freed up to offer a more improved support service to our customers, ensuring we give them the best start in rebuilding their lives.

How can you help?

We are asking you, our supporters, to be the foundation of our new house by purchasing the bricks of the building, making this a truly community based project.

How many bricks will you buy?

£1 will buy 1 brick and the mortar used to connect to the next brick.

£100 will buy half a crate of bricks. (200 bricks)

£200 will buy a full crate of bricks. (400 bricks)

With your help, Brick Buy a Brick, we will make a long lasting commitment to the homeless of Telford and Wrekin, ensuring a supportive service is always there when it’s needed most.

We hope you will support us so we can assist our customers to reach their full potential.’